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Be wary of who you are.

I always encourage myself to stay true to who I am. That no matter what, I should never change myself to please a peer. Especially when the change does not make me a better person.

I believe your academic life should be more lit than your social media accounts, or they should be directly proportional to each other. We are young. We shouldn’t spend our time impressing our peers, spend time living a life YOU want one were you are staying true to yourself. One were you are building a brighter future for you, your family and maybe even your country.

Spend time creating a better you.
Start with the people close to you.
I always say your circle of friends can be huge but what matters most is having a strong circle of good influential friends . Friends that will always be by your side and help you do more right than wrong, those that don’t bully you for being different or being yourself , those who discourage you from partaking in any mischief with heavy consequences.

Change is good. So is influence.
Just be sure to change for better and accept good influence or else you will be wrongly influenced into changing into a toxic person.

Love yourself enough to identify flaws that CAN be changed and for those that can’t, embrace. Be wary of the kind of person you want to be.